Scandals in New Media Environments

University of Bamberg | Department of Communication Studies | Bamberg, Germany


On March 19th 2021 from 12.30pm to 6.30pm (CET) the conference will be held virtually on Zoom

You can register via scandalogy.kowi(at) to receive a program and your link to the meeting.


The conference will focus on “Scandals in New Media Environments”. The overarching theme serves a two-fold goal: On the one hand, we want to intensify research on mediated scandals (cf. Entman 2012; Burkhardt 2018) and substantiate our understanding of such forms of scandals and their impact on societies. On the other hand, we hope to connect the study of scandals with a larger scientific community in the broad field of digital communication research, be it in organizational communication, journalism studies, political communication research or other fields.

Keynote "Fear, Hysteria, Outrage: Communication in the Age of Social Media" by Jan Fleischhauer (FOCUS)

Confirmed keynote speaker is Jan Fleischhauer. It is a pleasure and an honor to welcome Jan Fleischhauer, one of the leading German columnists (FOCUS) and a regular guest in national talk shows. Fleischhauer is an engaged and stridently argumentative publicist. He will give personal insights how journalists can endure heated public debates, character attacks and scandals in digital media environments.

Supported by the Ludwig Delp Stiftung