Scandals in New Media Environments

University of Bamberg | Department of Communication Studies | Bamberg, Germany


On March 19th 2021 from 12.30pm to 6.30pm (CET) the conference will be held virtually on Zoom

You can register via scandalogy.kowi(at) to receive a program and your link to the meeting.


The conference will focus on “Scandals in New Media Environments”. The overarching theme serves a two-fold goal: On the one hand, we want to intensify research on mediated scandals (cf. Entman 2012; Burkhardt 2018) and substantiate our understanding of such forms of scandals and their impact on societies. On the other hand, we hope to connect the study of scandals with a larger scientific community in the broad field of digital communication research, be it in organizational communication, journalism studies, political communication research or other fields.

Supported by the Ludwig Delp Stiftung