1st International Conference in Scandalogy 2016

University of Bamberg

Department of Communication Studies and Department of German Studies

Bamberg, Germany

7-8 April 2016

Various academic disciplines have started to intensify research on scandals as social phenomena. Especially communication and media studies and political science place emphasis on researching scandals, as a number of thematically relevant publications and conferences within these disciplines illustrate (e.g. ECREA conference on “The mediation of scandal and moral outrage”).

‘The scandal’ as a social phenomenon can be approached from several academic perspectives. Arguably, ‘the science of scandals’ qualifies as a distinct interdisciplinary research field.

The aim of this conference is to foster exchange between “scandalogists” from different academic disciplines in order to gather and present recent findings from a wide range of theoretical approaches.

For the 1st International Conference in Scandalogy we are pleased to welcome scholars from Austria, Portugal, Italy, Finland, Algeria, USA, Russia, and Germany to Bamberg.


Please use #Scandalogy16 for social media coverage.


Confirmed keynote speakers

Prof. Dr. Robert M. Entman (School of Media and Public Affairs / George Washington University)

Prof. Dr. Steffen Burkhardt (Hamburg University of Applied Sciences)

Prof. Dr. Martina Wagner-Egelhaaf (WWU Münster)

This conference is supported by the Ludwig Delp Foundation.