2nd International Conference in Scandalogy 2018

University of Bamberg

Department of Communication Studies

Bamberg, Germany

28. - 29. March 2018 (Please note: The dates have changed!)


Various academic disciplines have started to intensify research on scandals as social phenomena. Especially communication and media studies and political science place emphasis on researching scandals, as a number of thematically relevant publications and conferences within these disciplines illustrate (e.g. ECREA conference on “The mediation of scandal and moral outrage”).

In April 2016 the 1st International Conference in Scandalogy took place at University of Bamberg, Germany. Researchers from different countries and academic disciplines presented studies on scandals and discussed recent cases of moral outrage. The conference did not only attract scientific attention but was also topic of nationwide media coverage. In 2017 a collected volume “Scandalogy: An Interdisciplinary Field” will be published by the Herbert von Halem Publishing House (http://www.halem-verlag.de/scandalogy-an-interdisciplinary-field/).

We want to establish contacts with colleagues around the globe, who are interested in research of scandals. The conference is designed as a forum for an academic dialogue about scandals as social phenomena. Our 2nd conference in Scandalogy follows the theme "Cultures of Scandals - Scandals in Culture".


Confirmed keynote adress


Prof. Dr. Hans-Mathias Kepplinger (University of Mainz) on "Functional Analysis or Impact Research - Where is Scandal Research Going?"