Open-Minded & Open To The World

The EE-feU Institute -like the University of Bamberg- is committed to the scientific and academic exchange of knowledge and ideas. We are internationally networked and embrace internationality in research and teaching.

A few insights into the diverse range of topics:

  • participation of foreign students in university music ensembles (choirs, orchestras, big band)
  • opportunity for individual music practice, also for foreign students, on the premises of the chair
  • courses in English like
    "Mushroom Growing in the Classroom as an Example for Social Entrepreneurship" by Peter Mátis
    or in Physical Education (sports) by Roland Back / Michael Doppernas
  • Erasmus exchange programme with e.g. Nord University (Bodø Norway)
  • intercultural projects like „Mit Musik Grenzen überwinden und Verbindung stiften


We closely collaborate with the Teacher Education Centre Bamberg (ZLB) and especially the section Internationalisation of Teacher Education - Bamberg Teacher Education for a Global World (BaTEG).