BaTEG Summer School 2024

BaTEG International Film Festival:

Schools in Films and Films in Schools

Zusammenfassung auf Deutsch:
Das Motto der diesjährigen Summer School, die vom 15. bis 22. September 2024 stattfinden wird, verspricht eine spannende Auseinandersetzung mit der vielseitigen Beziehung zwischen Film und Bildung. Wir werden die Darstellung von Schulen in verschiedenen Filmen und Serien erkunden und dabei kritisch Themen wie die Rolle der Lehrenden, den Schulalltag in verschiedenen Kulturen, Lehrmethoden und Pädagogik untersuchen. Außerdem werden wir diskutieren, wie Filme in Bildungskontexten genutzt werden können und welche innovativen Ansätze und bewährten Praktiken es gibt. Wir laden Sie herzlich ein, diese inspirierende Woche voller akademischer Diskussionen, filmischer Entdeckungen und gemeinsamen Lernens mit uns zu verbringen.

Da die Veranstaltung auf Englisch stattfindet, sind die ausführlichen Informationen zur Summer School nur auf Englisch verfügbar.


BaTEG International Film Festival:

Schools in Films and Films in Schools

Sept 15th to 22nd


We are thrilled to announce the upcoming Summer School, scheduled from September 15th to 22nd. This year's theme, "International BaTEG Film Festival – Schools in films and films in schools," promises an engaging exploration into the multifaceted relationship between cinema and education.

Our journey will delve into the portrayal of schools in various films and series, offering a critical examination of themes such as the depiction and role of educators, the comparative analysis of school life across different cultures, teaching styles, pedagogy, and more. Moreover, we will delve into the pedagogical potential of utilizing film materials in educational settings, discussing innovative approaches and best practices.

Join us for a stimulating week of scholarly discourse, cinematic exploration, and collaborative learning. We look forward to welcoming you to an intellectually enriching experience at our Film Festival.


Programme overview:

Sunday, September 15: Arrivals

Monday, September 16: Welcome and Introduction, first film

Tuesday – Thursday, September 17-19: Films, lectures, workshops and discussions

Friday, September 2o: Wrap-up

Saturday, September 21: Spare time / excursion

Sunday, September 22: Departures



A: Students as well as staff from Bamberg and our partner universities. If you are a school teacher or a student from another university in Germany or abroad, you are welcome to join – please contact Martina Zier for the conditions.

A: If your professor suggested you as a participant, participation as well as food and drinks will be free of charge. You can apply for a grant of € 250 for your travel and accommodation and we have prebooked very affordable hostel rooms for you.

If you have not been suggested by your professor but would like to join, please contact Martina Zier.

A: You can sign up and join for free. If you volunteer as an organising student (see below), food and drinks are free of charge. If you would like to participate without organising / ECTS, you are more than welcome to join, but food and drinks are not included.

A An organising student is a student from Bamberg who helps organise the summer school / film festival and in return receives free food and drinks as well as ECTS credits. We will be providing more information on the latter soon.

A: Yes! Please contact Martina Zier.