Problems with ToR/ECTS-Registration

Once you are registered as a participant, you need to register again to receive a ToR-entry (Transcript of Records) and ECTS credits for any class. It is important for you to observe this part of the registration process carefully, because this is the part where you register for the exact module that you need the credits for. You can correct your registration within the registration period. Once registration is closed, corrections will only be possible in exceptional cases.

If you are not able to register for a class, one of the following steps might help you to solve the problem:

If you originally registered for the class on the waiting list, you will not be able to find the class on FlexNow when you try to register for ToR/ECTS credits. Please contact the instructor and ask to be added to the regular participant list. You should then be able to register for ToR/ECTS credits on your own.

The Institute of English and American Studies consists of six sections:

  • English Literature (Englische Literaturwissenschaft)
  • British Culture (Britische Kulturwissenschaft)
  • English and American Cultural Studies (Anglistische und Amerikanistische Kulturwissenschaft)
  • American Studies (Amerikanistik: Literatur- und Kulturwissenschaft)
  • English Linguistics (Englische Sprachwissenschaft)
  • Language Pedagogy (Fachdidaktik)

You can find the affiliationof a class at the end of each UnivIS entry or via the affiliation of the instructor.

Each instructor announces the registration period for ToR/ECTS credits for their class at the beginning of the semester. Often you can also find the registration period in the respective UnivIS entry. Starting in November 2016 all registration deadlines will also be available on the website of the department. If you have missed your registration deadline, arrange for an appointment with the instructor of your class.

Note: Observing the registration deadlines is the responsibility of the student. If you miss the deadline, the instructor is not required to grant you belated access to the registration!

If you attended another class for the same module before, registered for ToR/ECTS credits then, but did not receive a grade, you might not able to register for ToR/ECTS credits in the same module now. Please make sure that you have no registration pending somewhere else for the module that you are planning to finish now.

The Institute of English and American Studies offers the following types of classes:

  • Lectures (Vorlesung, 2 ECTS, classes usually open for any module that requires a class for 2 ECTS)
  • Topical Exercises (Thematische Übungen, 2 ECTS, classes usually open for any module that requires a class for 2 ECTS)
  • Theory Class (Übungen mit dem Schwerpunkt Literatur- oder Kulturtheorie, 1 ECTS, classes open for the Ergänzungsmodul)
  • Revision Course (Repetorium, 2 ECTS, classes usually open for students preparing for their "Staatsexamen")
  • Introductory Seminars (Einführungen, open for the Basismodul for 6 or 5 ECTS)
  • Basic Seminars (Proseminare, seminars usually open for the modulesthat require 5 or 6 ECTS - after passing the respective "Introduction to...")
  • Advanced Seminars (Hauptseminare, seminars usually open for modulesthat require for 8 or 10 ECTS)
  • Advanced Seminars for Degree Candidates (Oberseminare, seminars usually open for MA students and PhD students)

Make sure you registered for the correct type of class. If a class is available for a particular module (or not) is usually stated in the UnivIS entry of this class.

If you cannot register for ToR/ECTS credits in the correct module, this class might not be open for the module you intend to use it for (see previous point) or your specific degree might not yet be connected to the FlexNow catalogue of this class. Please contact the respective FlexNow coordinator (list below) to ask for verification about the missing link (fehlende Anbindung) and then use the form below to supply the respective FlexNow coordinator with the necessary details for creating the link between your individual degree and the FlexNow catalogue of the class. Here(69.1 KB, 1 Seite), in the appendix to Form B, you can find a number of examples for links within the FlexNow catalogue of a class.

If none of the scenarios above applies to your case, please use Form B (see below) to contact the FlexNow coordinator of the respective section at the Institute for English and American Studies (see table below).

  • Form B(116.3 KB) (Problems with ECTS-registration) - updated January 2021
  • Appendix to Form B(69.1 KB, 1 Seite)(Examples for Table 2E)

Please observe the following guidelines to ensure a swift processing of your request:

  • Make sure you contact the right person at the right section! You can find all instructors and their respective affiliation in UnivIS.
  • Mails sent to the wrong recipient may not be answered or cause an unnecessary delay.
  • Answering your emails may take a few days.
  • Sending emails to multiple recipients in different sections will not speed up procedures, but rather slow them down!

American Studies

Nicole K. Konopka

English and American Cultural Studies

Carmen Zink

English Linguistics / Language Pedagogy

Katrin Landwehr 

English LiteratureJanina Lupprian