DGfA Postgraduate Forum 2015

Every year, the conference of the Postgraduate Forum (PGF) of the German Association for American Studies (<g data-gr-id="8" id="8" class="gr_ gr_8 gr-alert gr_spell gr_inline_cards gr_run_anim ContextualSpelling ins-del multiReplace">GAAS</g>/DGfA) is hosted by a different German university.

The PGF conference 2015 took place at Bamberg University from November 6 - 8, 2015. The conference was co-organized by the departments of American Studies in Bamberg and Bayreuth.

For more information about the PGF 2015, please go to our official website.

The PGF Conference 2015

Like every year, the PGF 2015 brought together young scholars of American Studies (PhD & post-doctorate level) for presentation-based discussions of current issues in the field. In addition, this year’s PGF featured a poetry reading by emerging queer feminist poet Laura Passin and a roundtable discussion on career opportunities for graduates in American Studies, focusing especially on career possibilities outside academia.

The PGF-Team Bamberg/Bayreuth thanks all 28 participants as well as all students and guests who attended the talks and extra events. We also thank everybody who supported us and helped make the conference possible.

The PGF at the DGfA 2016

After an ecxiting and enriching PGF conference, the PGF hosted several events at the annual conference of the DGfA in Osnabrück in June 2016: a casual 'Meet and Greet' on Thursday afternoon before the official start of the conference, the PGF business meeting on Friday, and a round table discussion on Saturday, an event designed to facilitate discussion between young scholars of American Studies in Germany and the invited key note speakers.