Prof. Melissa F. Zeiger (Dartmouth College, NH/USA)

"Gardens and Poetry" (September/October 2018)

What do gardens have to do with sexuality, empire, race, class, environmental degradation, the history of poetry, the social role of religion, and the future of art? In discussion of various literary, critical, theoretical, and eco-critical texts, this seminar considered the broad reach of garden writing and garden practice.

The Instructor

Melissa Zeiger is Associate Professor of English at Dartmouth College the author of Beyond Consolation: Death, Sexuality, and the Changing Shapes of Elegy (1997). She is a distinguished teacher with a special interest in contemporary poetry, AIDS and Breast Cancer Literature, women's fiction and Feminist Criticism, but has also published on Victorian and Modernist poetry. Her current research projects focus on the garden/gardening in American literature and the poetry of Elizabeth Bishop.