Upcoming Events

After the success of the Bamberg Buddies program—a special German-American-Canadian student program—over the last ten years, we are  very excited to present the list of events for the summer term 2022. The idea of these events is to bring those of you interested in cultural exchange together with our university’s new North American students, who are very happy to meet their German peers.

Bamberg Buddies Vineyard Hike

More information for our Vineyard Hike in June will be added soon.

Bamberg Buddies "Mittags-Stammtisch"

In addition to the events listed above, you can join us for lunch once a month at the Mensa Austraße to eat and chat with American, Canadian, and German friends! Starting in May we will meet on the first Thursdays of every month at 01:00 p.m. - just find the table with the American and Canadian flags! Note down these dates so you don't forget them:

  • May 05
  • June 02
  • July 07