Methods and Theories in Linguistics


The block course "Methods and Theories in Linguistics" complements seminars in English Linguistics and is our introduction to the basics of linguistic research and preparing linguistic termpapers.

It is recommended that BA and Lehramt students take it along with their Aufbaumodul in English Linguistics to benefit from these skills as early as possible. At the latest, it is obligatory for the following modules or seminars:

BA Anglistik/Amerikanistik: Ergänzungsmodul Sprachwissenschaft (4/5/7 ECTS)

For details, see the page Ergänzungsmodul Sprachwissenschaft.
Though the Übung is a proper part of the Ergänzungsmodul, it is recommended to take it as early as possible (as a component complementing the Aufbaumodul; see above) if you consider putting your focus on linguistics.

LA Gymnasium: Seminar (8 ECTS) in the Vertiefungsmodul Englische Sprachwissenschaft

An integral (but separately organized) part of the seminar.
Though "Methods and Theories in Linguistics" is part of the Vertiefungsmodul, it is recommended to do it as early as possible (Aufbaumodul; see above) if you have a strong interest in linguistics.

MA English and American Studies: Seminar (8 ECTS) in the Mastermodul English Linguistics

An integral (but separately organized) part of the seminar.
Students who have already participated in "Methods and Theories in Linguistics" in an earlier semester do not need to re-take it.


The Übung "Methods and Theories in Linguistics" complements the theoretical and methodological insights and skills in English Linguistics seminars. The Übung will introduce and put to work techniques and approaches characteristic of English Linguistics and thereby help students to acquire competence in using specific sources of information and technologies as well as in collecting, analysing and visualizing their own empirical data. The topics treated will include aspects of academic writing (handling secondary literature, referencing, structuring a termpaper), the analysis of linguistic corpora and other databases, the use of major online dictionaries, the construction of questionnaires, the analysis of audio-recorded data, the design and interpretation of experiments, etc.

Times & dates:

The course usually takes place in the third and fourth weeks of term and comprises three sessions (7 hours in total), all of which require attendance, with a little supervised project work in between. The exact times and dates for each semester can be found in UnivIS (search for "Methods and Theories in Linguistics").


It is important that you register for this class on the VC and in FlexNow. The VC address and registration dates for each semester can be found in UnivIS (search for "Methods and Theories in Linguistics").