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An Interactive Introduction to Corpus Basics

On the Virtual Linguistics Campus (VLC), an Open Educational Resource platform hosted by the Technical University of Aachen and Prof. Jürgen Handke of the University of Marburg, you can find a complete set of self-learning courses. These go well beyond this video series, as they involve interactive excercises and feedback familiarizing you thoroughly with the corpus portal and how to use it. It is free and safe! Have a look!

  • VLC_MC63: Micro-Credential Corpus Linguistics Basics (short introduction)
  • VLC_302: Corpus Linguistics Basics
  • VLC_303: Corpus Linguistics: Linguistic Applications – for (future) researchers
  • VLC_304: Corpus Linguistics: EFL Applications – for (future) teachers

Contact us with feedback and questions! 

Corpus Basics I (Goals)

Corpus Basics II (Analysis)

Corpus Basics III (Registration/Interface)

Corpus Basics IV – Simple Queries I (LIST)

Corpus Basics V – Simple Queries II (Concordances)

Corpus Basics VI – Simple Queries III (CHART)

Corpus Basics VII – Simple Queries IV (Sections)

Corpus Basics VIII – Advanced Queries I (Lemma Search)

Corpus Basics IX – Advanced Queries II (POS Search)

Corpus Basics X – Advanced Queries III (KWIC)

Corpus Basics XI – Advanced Queries IV (Synonyms)

Corpus Basics XII – Advanced Queries V (History)

Corpus Basics XIII – Advanced Queries VI (Comparison)

Corpus Basics XIV – Advanced Queries VII (GloWbE)