The Bamberg University English Drama Group e.V. (BUEDG) is an English-speaking theatre group based at Bamberg University. Since 1984, the group has been dedicated to staging classic and modern dramas from the Anglophone world to make them avaliable to as many people as possible. While mainly attended by students from Bamberg University, the group is open to all and its performances are always public.

The members of BUEDG are united in their love for theatre and enjoy working together as one creative team both on and off stage in all sorts of theatric capacities. Every year, the group puts on one big summer production towards the end of the summer semester for which potential actors audition in the beginning of the semester. In the winter semester, the focus lies more on the art of drama and the members work on their acting and interpretation skills, which are usually presented in a shorter play or collection of scenes.

Newcomers with or without prior knowledge are always welcome to join our on- and off-stage team!

Previous Projects

Due to the Corona Pandemic, the drama group focused on online work in the summer semester of 2021 and the winter semester of 2021/22.

In the summer semester, we worked on the Climate Change Plays Appealing and Six Polar Bears Fell from the Sky This Morning, which we were able to film in person. With the former being a more serious, the latter a more humorous approach to the topic of Climate Change, the BUEDG was able to shed light on different aspects of a bigger problem and put them on a virtual stage.

The following winter, we moved back to strict online recordings of our work due to the rising numbers of Covid. During this semester, the members of BUEDG took part in a voice acting workshop by Dr Kerstin-Anja Münderlein and then put what they learned into practice by recording monologues from works such as The Importance of Being Earnest, The Picture of Dorian Gray, or Macbeth.

Our second project consisted of short, humorous summaries of well-known literature, which our actors wrote themselves and then adapted on video, using their voice acting skills and potted plants as stand-ins for the respective characters. Thus, the name Plot Plants was born.

Our latest semester finally took place in person again.

In the summer of 2022, we rehearsed and recorded the mystery play The Impossible Room - and it is already up on our YouTube Channel, see here: https://youtu.be/3xKvmYz6Lys

In this locked room mystery, the seemingly impossible disappearance of a young man is the focus of an eccentric detective's crime-solving skills.

Join us to find out more!