It has become somewhat of a tradition that the annual weekend seminar of the Chair of English Literature has to be accompanied by bleak weather. So it was no surprise that on Friday the 12th of January, the wind was biting and the sun was nowhere to be seen.

Nevertheless, 14 people were motivated to overlook the weather conditions and instead focus on the journey of self-discovery with the means of writing. Author George Ellenbogen, a regular guest lecturer on creative writing, took it upon himself to introduce the participants to writing strategies and overcoming the accompanying obstacles.

In the cozy atmosphere of Königsberg’s youth hostel and surrounded by the town’s rich history, the participants found more than enough inspiration to write. Walks were conducted to experience Franconian nature and more than once we stopped to glance around, awed by our surroundings.

Saturday presented the opportunity to explore Königsberg’s alleys and enjoy a coffee or two in the Kunsthandwerkerhof, an old brewery built in 1811 and reconstructed in 1997. Cakes and pies were eaten, hot chocolate was devoured and everyone left with a smile on their face – only incorporate these new experiences into their writing half an hour later.

The weekend was filled with laughter, merry enjoyment and inspiring discussions and everyone was melancholic to leave. And, as tradition demands it, we returned to Bamberg with the sun greeting us.