Second Shakespeare on Film weekend seminar at Burg Feuerstein

After last year's success with the First Shakespeare in Film weekend seminar (see here), the second seminar again explored several of Shakespeare's plays and their film adaptations from 6 to 8 December, 2013.

This year, Othello and The Merchant of Venice were covered, but we also found the time to have a cosy St Nicholas celebration with German Christmas biscuits and treats and sweets from all over the world brought by our international students.

Unlike last year, our trip could not start with a hike up the hill to Burg Feuerstein since everything was covered in snow and a hike was not possible. For some of our students, however, this was the first time that they saw snow and where could a snowy landscape be more enchanting than in the soft hills of Franconia Switzerland. Once arrived at Feuerstein, we took a short walk around the castle led by Professor Houswitschka and despite the cold everybody enjoyed themselves.

After our return to the castle we set straight to work. Several students presented topics such as "The Frailty of the Human: Evils and Weaknesses", "Race and Otherness in Othello and The Merchant of Venice", and other topics concerning themes and characters in both plays. Between the talks Professor Houswitschka gave us additional information and gave us much room to discuss details and problems of the plays. After three days of intensive studying, we arrived safely back in Bamberg in time to see the snow melt.