FlexNow! Information and Guidelines

Registration in FlexNow consists of TWO parts:

  • Part 1: Registration for participation in the course - starts before the semester.
  • Part 2: Registration for receiving a ToR-entry (Transcript of Records) and ECTS-credits for this course - starts during the semester.

It is important for you to observe the respective time frame for the registration, because registration dates vary between the sections of the Department of English and American Studies. You can correct your registration or de-register within the registration period.

Note: Observing the registration deadlines is the responsibility of the student. If you miss the deadline, the instructor is not required to grant you belated access to the registration!

If you encounter problems with your course registration or your ToR/ECTS registration please follow the respective links below. In order to simplify FlewNow procedures, we assembled some FAQ which might help you to solve your FlexNow problem.

If none of the scenarios applies to your case, please use the appropriate form (A or B) to contact the FlexNow coordinator of the respective section at the Institute for English and American Studies.

Please observe the following guidelines to ensure a swift processing of your request:

  • Make sure you contact the right person at the right section! You can find all instructors and their respective affiliation in UnivIS.
  • Mails sent to the wrong recipient may not be answered or cause an unnecessary delay.
  • Answering your emails may take a few days.
  • Sending emails to multiple recipients in different sections will not speed up procedures, but rather slow them down!

American Studies

Nicole K. Konopka

English and American Cultural Studies

Carmen Zink

English Linguistics / Language Pedagogy

Katrin Landwehr 

English LiteratureJanina Lupprian

More information about how to use FlexNow is available on the official pages of the examination officein German and English!