Assistance with regard to planning your studies abroad

The examination regulations do not require students of the Finance & Accounting F&A master's degree programme to study abroad. Certainly, the decision to study abroad (one or two semesters) is incumbent to the students of the F&A master's degree programme.

In order to facilitate the planning of your studies, as well as with regard to application deadlines at foreign universities, options relating to study stays aboard should be timely considered.

In connection with the planning of a study stay abroad there are many questions which we would be happy to clarify! In particular, the following questions are frequently asked:

  • optimal integration of stay abroad into course of studies,
  • whether it is reasonable to apply for a semester off,
  • reasonable planning of master thesis when a study stay abroad is intended
  • whether is it reasonable to reach an agreement regarding the eligibility of examinations to be completed abroad (Learning Agreements, LA),
  • how to set up Learning Agreements,