Welcome to the Chair of Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour

Dear students,

I warmly welcome you to the website of the Chair of Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour! My team and I are delighted to accompany you in your course of study through our lectures.

To help you get off to a good start in the new semester, you will find a compilation of frequently asked questions and their answers here. We invite you to use this as your first point of contact in case of any uncertainties regarding our courses or other matters concerning the chair.

Our courses focus on “Human Resource Management” and “Organisational Behaviour”, where national and international aspects are equally taken into account. You will build deep knowledge of personnel management approaches while simultaneously dealing with the behaviour of individuals and groups in organisational settings. The goal is to understand their influence on functioning and performance, as well as the competitiveness of organisations.

All courses at the Chair will familiarise you with the core theories from the fields of “Human Resource Management” and “Organisational Behaviour”. Following your studies, you should be able to critically question the acquired scientific knowledge, recognize their relevance for practice, and distinguish certain needs for action.

In addition, it is our aim to help you build your competencies in an action-oriented learning environment in order to enable you to apply general knowledge on specific tasks in an organisation.

Another proposal offered within the course of study is the “European Human Resource Management  Programme". This programme contains international aspects of human resource management, including inter-cultural and economic content, and is carried out in a network of leading European universities and business schools. The annual programme, where high-achieving students from the University of Bamberg can participate, provides experiences in cross-cultural teamwork.

In short, our teaching programme is about promoting complex thinking skills and imparting subject specific knowledge and skills, in order to prepare you for your future career, as well as promoting your personal development. The curriculum has a strong academic and professional orientation. In other words, it is a research-based applied curriculum .

Sophisticated teaching, which corresponds to the current development of the discipline, can only occur if, at the same time, it is simultaneously linked to ambitious research. Therefore, the courses follow the principle “ learning by researching, and researching while learning ”.

Be curious about this fascinating and exciting subject area that you can explore during our courses!

Prof. Dr. Maike Andresen