Chair of Supply Chain Management

Our Mission

In global supply chains, information and communication technology (ICT)-based connection of companies on the one hand and the linking of physical flows with companies' information systems on the other are playing an increasingly important role. New technologies, such as the Internet of Services, the Internet of Things, Radio Frequency Identification, Wireless Sensor Networks, Real-Time Localization Systems, Mobile and Cloud Computing, and Big Data technologies are on the rise and pose considerable challenges and innovative tasks for supply chain managers and logistics service providers.

From a SCM point of view, the aforementioned technologies can only unfold their full potential if they are embedded in user-oriented, innovative logistics solutions. The development of such solutions is usually the responsibility of companies in the logistics service industry. It is done in close cooperation with the manufacturing industry on the one hand and representatives of the information and telecommunication industry on the other and requires, besides technological know-how, especially competences in the field of service development or service engineering.

The task of the chair therefore is to identify and prepare the knowledge modules required for the design and optimization of such solutions, to explain this knowledge within lectures, tutorials, and seminars, and to close the gaps that exist due to the high degree of technical innovation within research projects and dissertations. After attending our courses, graduates should be able to effectively master the innovative tasks addressed above and thus to contribute to the future SCM.

We have highlighted details of our activities on the following pages. We hope you enjoy reading them and look forward to your participation in our courses.

Supply Chain Management
University of Bamberg