E-Mail Policy

Dear students

in order to ensure smooth communication, we kindly ask you to consider the following information regarding our e-mail policy:

  • Before writing an e-mail, please check whether the homepage of our chair already provides information regarding your request
  • Please send e-mails to the chair from your student e-mail address provided by the IT center to ensure protection of personal data
  • Please send your request directly to the person in charge at the chair (for information on responsibilities, please check the chair's website)
    • For general inquiries please use the following e-mail address: bwl-scm(at)uni-bamberg.de
    • For questions concerning theses please use the following e-mail address: abschlussarbeiten.bwl-scm(at)uni-bamberg.de
  • When writing an e-mail, please consider a logical structure as well as the aspect of politeness
    • Meaningful subject
    • Correct and complete form of address of the recipient (please use the first form of address)
    • Concise and clear presentation of your request
    • Correct greeting line
  • Further remarks in connection with e-mail communication
    • The chair does not answer e-mails on weekends
    • The chair tries to answer your requests as soon as possible (however, feedback within a few minutes or hours is not provided)
    • In connection with specific inquiries or problems, the chair reserves the right to take a reasonable amount of time to respond