WHAT? - The chair deals with research that is related to the design and optimization of "information services in a digital world". The current focus is on applications in production, logistics and supply chain management. Research results are reference models, procedures, methods and above all "content".

WHY? - The basic technologies of the Internet of Things, Cloud Computing as well as Mobile Computing and Cyber-Physical Systems are an important part in the relevant applications. The combination of individual technologies allows for new solutions and business models that have so far only been rudimentarily explored from a management perspective.

HOW? - Designing and optimizing of information services have an interdisciplinary character. Against this background, a wide variety of methods from different disciplines are applied. Literature analyses, classical empirical research, case studies, etc. are used as well as the design science approach from informatics.

WITH WHOM? - The chair examines the above-mentioned topics on its own but also in close cooperation with other scientific institutions, such as the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft and the Copenhagen Business School. Clients include companies from the industry and associations.

FOR WHOM? - In addition to the scientific community, primary beneficiaries are service companies embedded in value chains as well as their clients. These include, above all, logistics service providers, information service providers, telecommunications companies, insurers, financial service providers and, of course, representatives of the manufacturing industry.


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