Project Workshop for the Design of Information Services in the Digital World (SCM-M-05)

Type: Advanced Seminar
Type of examination: seminar paper, presentation of interim and final results
Cycle: winter term


Prof. Dr. Alexander Pflaum


It is recommended to attend all courses of the chair, especially Principles of Service Engineering and Internet of Things at Supply Chain Management I and II


This course is designed as an advanced course. The purpose is to apply knowledge acquired in other courses of the chair, to work in teams and to expand the knowledge in a goal-oriented manner. The overall objective is the specification of a specific information service. In practice, such a specification provides the foundation for a tendering. The course is based on the NSEB process model with its individual steps, questions and methods. Related knowledge from other courses, especially Internet of Things at Supply Chain Managemen I and II, is part of the specification.

Central topics are among others:

  • Identification & evaluation of possible information services on the basis of creativity techniques and portfolio analysis
  • Elaboration of results under consideration of the NSEB process model by applying new or already known methodologies
  • Discussion of results in project meetings with a project advisory board taking place at fixed intervals
  • Final presentation of results at the end of the semester
  • Creation of a specification document (seminar paper)


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