Digital Transformation of Value Creation Systems (SCM-M-07)

Type: Seminar-like tuition
Type of examination: written exam, 60 min.
Cycle: winter term


Prof. Dr. Alexander Pflaum




Regrading the ongoing digitization, companies and cross-company value creation systems are changing in fundamental ways. This course is intended to create an understanding for a data-driven company on the one hand and the process of digital transformation on the other. The transformation from a traditional product-oriented to a data- and service-oriented company will be presented and explained. At the end of the course, students should be able to assess companies in the manufacturing industry in particular with regard to the degree of digitalization and to develop strategies for the  transformation process. Besides a company perspective, the focus is on the overarching and cross-company value creation system.

Essential topics comprise:

  • Theoretical framework for the transformation of traditional product-oriented companies to data and service-oriented companies
  • Explanation of the reference process for digital transformation
  • Overview of main dimensions of digital transformation
  • Discussion of the digital transformation using an example from the engineering industry
  • Impact of digital transformation on a company's strategy and offerings
  • Basic technologies of the digital transformation and effects on the architecture of operational systems (IT)
  • Changes in the organizational structure and processes
  • Expansion of traditional product-oriented supply chains via data- and service-oriented business ecosystems
  • Changes in the area of human resources as well as in the corporate and innovation culture
  • Summary of the changes as a maturity model and application of the model based on an example
  • Guest lecture from industry on digital transformation; the guest lecture will be announced during the semester


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