Internet of Things at Supply Chain Management I (IoT@SCM I)

Type: lecture/practical seminar
Type of examination: written exam, 60 min.
Cycle: winter term


Prof. Dr. Alexander Pflaum




The course Internet of Things at Supply Chain Management I is designed as an introductory course. Students should gain an overview of existing basic technologies of the "Internet of Things" and the complementary innovations required for an implementation. They should understand how RFID technology works and be able to evaluate the practical use of corresponding products and systems from both a technical and a business perspective. Students will be taught relevant fundamentals, procedures and methods.

Essential topics comprise:

  • From classic barcode to radio-based ID technologies - A brief introduction from a technical perspective
  • Technical basics of radio-based ID technologies - Technological variants and functionalities
  • Complementary innovations for using radio-based ID technologies - Integration platforms, etc.
  • Example from the industry "Use of technology at Lufthansa TechnikLogistik- Clarification of foundations
  • Case study from the FMCG sector: "Use of technology at Metro" - discussion of content
  • Case study from the apparel industry: "Use of technology at GaleriaKaufhof" - discussion of content
  • Guest lecture from the logistics industry - topic will be announced in the course
  • Approach to a practical evaluation of radio-based ID technologies - consideration of both a technical and a business perspective
  • "RFID-based tracking & tracing of break bulk cargo" - application of the approach based on an example
  • Current use of radio-based ID technologies and technological trends - An overview
  • RFID and Data Security - A Critical Review
  • Excursion to Fraunhofer IIS - “Understanding" technologies


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