Past Research


>> Realization of digital transformation projects considering the interaction of individuals, organization and environment

>> accompanying study


>> Digital capability-level differences and the resolution of organizational tensions are crucial determinants for successful digital transformation

>>  Awareness and alignment regarding digital readiness of internal and external stakeholders determine the future progress of digital initiatives

Organisational Transformation in the Chemical Industry 

>> learning potentials with regard to organizational transformation across business units

>> critical success factors of radical change in the context of extremly longterm acting organization


>> strategic change enforces specific business unit 'identities'

>> holding on to these identities impacts the behavior of employees within the change process

Digital Business Models

>> examination of digital business models within the pharmaceutical industry

>> Role of incubators for the commercialization of R&D and the establishment of new markets in context of R&D


>> Success of commercialization is depedend on the interaction of various actors (Entrepreneur, Big Pharma, Incubator, VC, Funding Bodies)

>> Conflicts between partners constitute an important and productive factor for the commercialization of R&D

Synergy Mystery

>> Professional Services

>> Approach of evaluating synergies in the context of Mergers and Acquisitions

>> Development of a 'strategic' understanding of synergies


>> The evaluation of synergies is mainly based on cost assessments

>> 'strategic' synergies are often neglected