Current Research

CoCreation in higher Education (CoCun)

>> Development of an innovative teaching approach based on co-creation   

>> Goal: Education of responsible managers/leaders for the challenges of the future

>> Grant by Stiftung Innovation in der Hochschule

Project responsibility: Prof. Martin Friesl & Christoph Brielmaier

Ready for tomorrow

>> Implementation of sustainability in organizational processes and structures

>> Fokus on employee initiatives

Project responsibility: Annabelle Müller

Generation Change

>> Strategic renewal in the context of a generation change

>> accompanying study (ca. 12 Months)

Project responsibility: Vivienne Konuk

M&A Performance

>> Practices and challenges within the evaluation of synergies

>> Process in the context of post-merger integrations

Project partner: Prof. Dr. Florian Bauer, Yves-Martin Felker (Lancaster University Management School, UK)


>> Strategic renewal between the poles of established firms and new CEO's

>> Retrospective study

Project responsibility: Vivienne Konuk


>> Radical Technology-Driven Change in Established Firms

>> how do traditional firms deal with radical technological as well as societal changes?

Project partner: Prof. Dr. Inger G. Stensaker (NHH, Norwegian School of Economics)