Research Collaborators

Prof. Florian Bauer

Florian is professor in strategy, entrepreneurship and innovation at Lancaster University Management School, UK, where he teaches graduate business strategy and M&A courses. Further, he teaches at other universities such as Innsbruck University, MCI Management Center Innsbruck, Toulouse School of Management, or University of Bergamo.

Florian’s research focuses on organizational transformation, especially non-organic growth strategies with a strategic and organizational angle and has been published in leading management journals such as Strategic Management Journal, Human Resource Management (US), Journal of World Business, British Journal of Management, Long Range Planning, Group and Organization Management, or Applied Psychology. In 2017, his paper on shared mental models won the outstanding paper award of Group and Organization Management, in 2016 he won the best paper award at EURAM in the SIG strategic management, and the M&A science award Germany.

Next to his research activities, he is strongly involved in engagement activities and accompanies mid-sized firms but also large multinationals with their M&A strategies and processes. Furthermore, he is co-founder and chief research officer of MADiscover GmbH, a firm providing digitalized target screening.

Prof. Lionel Garreau

Lionel Garreau is an associate professor in strategic management at PSL- Université Paris-Dauphine. Embedded in international academic networks, he is a board member of M@n@gement and Associate Editor of European Management Review. His work focuses on sensemaking practices and processes in the area of strategic management. He also works on the development of qualitative inductive methodologies. His work has been published in French and international journals. Lionel was awarded best doctoral work by French academic association in management in 2010. He runs the master degree in strategy of Université Paris-Dauphine and the EDBA program, the aim of which is to develop research in the management field with and by business professionals.

Dr. Radka Newton

Radka has 15 years of senior input into global educational networks with proven reputation for developing collaborative and cross-functional teams. Before she came to the UK in 2002, she managed her own English language teaching company, published as series of Czech/English dictionaries. Radka is based in Lancaster University Management School where she has held a variety of senior leadership positions designing and implementing the internationalising strategy of the School. Radka is currently a programme director of MSc Management and European Triple Degree programme. Her overarching research interest is in the transformation of organisations, impact of organisation culture on continuous improvement and the role of identity on knowledge transfer. She is also a founder of Service design in Education Network #SDinED and her drive for student experience informs her research into deployment of service design in the education sector incorporating the themes of service co-production and value co-creation complemented with analysis of organisational culture as an enabler or disabler of successful process improvement implementation.

Prof. Inger G. Stensaker

Inger G. Stensaker is Professor in Strategic Change at NHH Norwegian School of Economics. Her research interests are within the area of strategy implementation, strategic change processes, and organizational change capacity. Stensaker collaborates closely with firms undergoing strategic change to explore change processes in real time with an emphasis on the dynamics across organizational levels and over time. Her work has been published in e.g., Human Relations, Human Resource Management, British Journal of Management, Strategic Organization, Journal of International Business, and Journal of Applied Behavioral Science.