Chair of Sales & Marketing


Dear students,

we offer a broad range of courses (lectures, seminars etc.) during the summer term 2024. 

A dedicated virtual campus course with detailed information is available. Please consult that VC course first. It provides a comprehensive overview of our offer and information regarding the teaching and exam modes for each classs.

All the best for the coming semester! 

Your team of the sales and marketing department.

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The general focus of our chair is on Business-to-Business-Markets. On B2B-Markets the relationship between suppliers and customers are more complex than on Business-to-Consumer-Markets and are therefore more relevant. Also the transaction values are much higher and almost 80% of the turnover in Germany is reached on B2B-Markets.

Our special fields of expertise are  (1) Customer Management / Key Account Management, (2) Sales- and Marketingorganization, (3) Price Management, (4) Digitization of Business Model, (5) Brand Management, (6) Corporate Social Responsibility and Marketing Ethics.

Research- and Practice Networks: