If you would like to write your Bachelor thesis at the Chair of Marketing, we kindly ask you to apply online. Please use the following link for your application. When you have opened the link, please use the appropriate text field to indicate that you would like to write your thesis at the marketing chair.

Link to Bachelorthesis application form

The application period for the Winter- /Summerterm ends  31st of August/ 28th of February. The Link to the application form will be available mid July/January.

Please bear in mind that applications after the application period will not be accepted from our side. If you have technical issues, please contact Mr Dominik Henkel before the deadline ends.


  • Confirmation of participation in a "SPSS course": has to be attended before beginning with your Bachelorthesis
    • SPSS-course possibilities:  → Confirmation of participation will be issued at the end of the course
      → For Introduction to Marketing Intelligence: transcript FlexNow
  • Attending the "Kolloquium zum Schreiben wissenschaftlicher Arbeiten" (while working on your Bachelorthesis)
  • Participation in the library training: „Aufsätze und mehr - Datenbankrecherche Wirtschaftswissenschaften“ (while working on your Bachelorthesis)
    → Confirmation of participation will be issued on request from the library

Examination of application

After the deadline we start to examine all received applications. Within two weeks you will receive a feedback whether you get a place or not.

If you receive an acceptance from our side, please re-confirm your application by collecting the registration forms for the bachelor thesis from the examination office and hand it in to our office.

After your re-confirmation you will receive further information on the following steps (especially responsible persons, start and submission date, appointments, rules for writing the thesis etc.).

Date of registration

Our bachelor theses will all be registered on one day. In the winter term the official start date is the 10th of November and in the summer term this is the 2nd of May. Correspondingly, the submission date is either the 10th of January or the 2nd of July.