Dr. Christian Horn


Curriculum Vitae:

  • Studied Business Administration (Dipl.-Kfm.) and Soziology (B.A.) in Bayreuth, Bamberg and Budapest.
  • Internships and secondary employment (Puma SE, Ciao GmbH, Infolab GmbH, Siemens AG, Deutscher Bundestag, etc.)
  • Marketing Lecture at the VWA Nuremberg<xml></xml>
  • Guest Lecture at the Sookmyung University, Seoul (Korea)
  • Guest Lecture at the EPHEC Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgien)
  • Since 2015: DATEV e.G. Nuremberg

Contact Details:


Research Interests:

Innovation Management, Virtual (Stock-) Markets, Crowdsourcing, Forecasting Methods, Trend Research, Strategic Marketing, Marketing-Planning, Ecommerce, Internet Marketing, Social Media, Energy Markets, the connection between econonomic and sociological issues


International Journals (Peer-Reviewed):

Horn, C.F., Ohneberg, M., Ivens, B.S., Brem, A. (2014): „Prediction Markets –a literature review 2014 following Tziralis and Tasiopoulos“. The Journal of Prediction Markets, Vol 8, Issue 2, pp. 89-126. Download Fulltext(1.0 MB, 38 pages)

Horn, C.; Brem, A. & Ivens, B.S. (2013): “Damaging Brands through Market Research: Can Customer Involvement in Prediction Markets Damage Brands?”. Marketing Intelligence and Planning, Vol. 32, Issue 2, pp.232 - 248

Horn, C.; Brem, A. & Ivens, B.S. (2013): „Strategic Directions on Innovation Management – A Conceptual Framework“. Management Research Review, Vol. 36, Issue 10, pp. 930-954. Download Fulltext.(192.5 KB, 21 pages)


Horn, C., Ivens, B.S. (2014): „Corporate Prediction Markets for Innovation Management - Theoretical Foundations and Practical Examples for Business use” in: Brem, A. & Viadot, E.: “Adoption of Innovation – Balancing internal and external stakeholders in the marketing of innovation”. Springer.

Conference Contributions and Speeches (Peer-Reviewed):

Horn, C., Brem., A., Wölfl, S., Ivens, B.S. & Hein, D. (2014): „Corporate Social Responsibility in Online Social Networks – an Empirical Analysis of Corporate Communication for Brands”. 2nd International Conference on Contemporary Marketing Issues (ICCMI), Athens, Greece, 2014.

Horn, C.; Ivens, B.S. & Brem, A. (2013): “Prediction Markets for Business Forecasting – Results from Laboratory-Studies and a Case Study in a Multinational Company.” 33rd International Symposium on Forecasting, Seoul, Korea, 2013.

Horn, C.; Liebetrau, K.; Biggeleben, T. & Ivens, B.S. (2013): “The Influence of Participation in Prediction Markets on Price Sensitivity - an Experimental Study on Sporting Goods.” 42nd European Marketing Association Conference Proceedings, Istanbul, Turkey, 2013.

Böttner, S.; Ivens, B.S.; Horn, C. & Hillebrandt, I. (2012): “Children’s Brand Awareness: An Empirical Study of Children’s and Parents’ Perceptions.” 41st European Marketing Association Conference Poster Session, Lisbon, Portugal, 2012.

Working Papers of the Chair of Marketing

Drissen, M., Horn, C. & Ivens, B.S. (2012), “Targeting in der Online-Werbung - Eine Untersuchung über den Einsatz von Cookies vor dem Hintergrund datenschutzrechtlicher Aspekte”, Working Paper Series No. 20, Marketing Department, University of Bamberg, Germany.

Köhler, T., Escher, M., Horn, C. & B.S. Ivens (2012), “Prediction Markets – Eine Literaturanalyse” Working Paper Series No. 21, Marketing Department, University of Bamberg, Germany.

Schrick, J., Horn, C. & Ivens, B.S. (2013), „Prediction Markets und ihr Einfluss auf die Markenwahrnehmung” Working Paper Series No. 26, Marketing Department, University of Bamberg, Germany.

Biggeleben, T., Horn. C., Liebetrau, K. & Ivens, B.S. (2013), „The Influence of Participation in Prediction Markets on Price Sensitivity”, Working Paper Series No. 27, Marketing Department, University of Bamberg, Germany.

Peer-Reviewer for international conferences and journals:

International Journal of Technology Marketing

Management Research Review

European Marketing Association Conference

European Conference on Social Media

Social Networking Profiles

Research Gate

Business Network: XING

Completed Research Projects:

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