Email-Policy: Regulation for the e-mail communication regarding student affairs

Due to high number of students and the subsequently extremely high number of email requests we ask you to adhere to the following rules for the email-contact regarding student emails to the marketing chair.

  1. Applicable for all student requests: Only emails sent from your student e-mail address will be answered (“”)
  2. All e-mail requests sent from other addresses are sorted out and not answered.
  3. The basic rules of politeness should also be adhered to in e-mail communication. Regarding greeting forms, please orientate yourself on a standard letter. E-mails without a minimum of form and politeness will not be answered.

This  method has proven to be necessary as a proof of identity of the users and in order to protect personal data. Furthermore, it reduces the number of (spam-) requests of not authorized contacts. This method is only applicable to members of the university, not for other parties such as research institutes or practical partners, who do not have access to the email system of the university.

The chair always tries to reply to your emails as soon as possible. Due to the extremely high student numbers, chances might be that you still need to wait a number of days for your reply. This is especially applicable during peak times such as the beginning of the semester or during exam time.

Thank you for your cooperation.