Peter van Dyck, M.A.

Research interest

  • Sponsoringmanagement of public businesses
  • Sportsmarketing
  • Apparative market research

Selection of Publications

Riedmüller, F., van Dyck, P. (2014). "Sport-Sponsoring-Engagements öffentlicher Unternehmen," Sciamus - Sport und Management, 2014(4), pp. 28-41.

Ivens, B.S., Riedmüller, F., Van Dyck, P. (2020), Success factors in managing the sponsor–sponsee relationship—A fuzzy-set qualitative comparative analysis for state-owned enterprises in Germany, International Journal of Sports Marketing and Sponsorship, forthcoming. 10.1108/IJSMS-09-2019-0102

Riedmüller, F., Ivens, B.S., Van Dyck, P. (2020), Sponsorship Research Over Three Decades: A Bibliometric Citation Analysis, Academic Journal of International Economics and Management Research, 1(1), 24-32.