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We offer courses in the following study programs in the Bachelor/Master system: Business Administration, International Business Administration, European Business Studies, European Economic Studies (EES), Business Information Systems and Economic and Business Education.

Teaching Areas

The discipline of finance covers a variety of topics within the management of corporations and markets. Acting in an economic environment requires a goal-oriented structure, governance and control of economic activities, especially of economic causes and consequences that manifest themselves in cash flows.
Therefore, corporate finance is an essential cross-divisional activity in business administration and management, for both financial and non-financial companies. However, it is also related to individuals and markets, in particular financial markets (equity, bond, derivatives, currency and commodity markets).
The functions of finance in corporations and markets, governmental institutions, NGOs and international organizations require a permanent process of generating, enforcing and controlling economic and financial conditions and know how. Our teaching activities in finance, financial markets and risk management therefore focuse on the development, advancement and optimization of the specific and necessary skills, considering practical orientation and introduction to research questions.

Some of the teaching areas are
• Corporate Finance, including Start-up Financing & Venture Capital
• Financial Markets, including IPOs, Insider Trading
• Corporate Governance
• Risk Management, especially Credit Risk Management & Rating
• Behavioral Economics & Behavioral Finance
• Business Valuation
• Structured & Mezzanine Finance
• Financial Intermediaries (Banks, Insurance Companies, Investment Funds, and Hedge Funds)
• Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SME)
• Personal Finance, Household Finance
• Retirement Provisions / Funded Pension Plans (“Riester” Products), Pension Insurance
• Consumer & Investor Protection