What are the studies about?

Our degree programs deal with the economic actions of organizations and people. They are thus part of the economic sciences.

A degree in business administration/IBWL enables students to understand business interrelationships and their integration into the social context and to act on this basis.

The multitude of decisions that have to be made in companies and enterprises makes business administration an exciting field of work. It has interfaces with psychology, law and computer science, among others.

Some typical questions we deal with:

  • how to generate and evaluate innovative product ideas,
  • how do I plan production processes (e.g. should all parts of the product be manufactured in-house?),
  • how do I design marketing and sales of products and services?
  • how to open up international markets,
  • how to attract, lead and retain qualified employees (e.g. which leadership styles increase employee motivation?)
  • how should the further training of employees be designed?
  • how to carry out value-added oriented management (controlling) of companies (e.g. which business areas are unprofitable?),
  • how do you influence costs and revenues and thus the success of companies?
  • how do companies finance themselves (e.g. how do I raise capital and how do I ensure an efficient distribution of financial resources)?
  • how to plan company finances (e.g. how do companies weigh up financial opportunities and risks?)
  • how to prepare and audit annual and consolidated financial statements (e.g. what accounting policy leeway exists according to national and international accounting rules and how can I use it for my company?)
  • how to evaluate and analyze companies (e.g. how do I determine the value of a company? in which company should I invest?)
  • what challenges and opportunities does the taxation of income, assets and consumption present?
  • what social and ecological responsibility do employees of all functions and hierarchical levels bear towards stakeholders?

In this context, business education is concerned with numerous issues relating to the teaching of economic knowledge, e.g. in company training or at vocational schools. For more information, please visit the information pages of business education.