FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Lectures, like „Grundlagen des Innovationsmanagements“ in the bachelor program do not require any registration.

In general, seminars in both the bachelor and master program need an application and registration via FlexNow. Further information on the application for the courses and current deadlines can be found in the News section on the homepage of the Chair for Innovation Management. If your registration to our courses was approved by the chair, you also have to register for the examination via FlexNow. We will inform you about this registration period in both the E-Mail notifying your approval to the course as well as in the first seminar date.

Please note that both terms of application are terms of exclusion, so basically no late registrations will be accepted after this deadline. If you have technical difficulties with the course registration (for example a change of course is not yet available on FlexNow) please appeal to the secretariat of the chair by E-Mail during the registration deadlines.

If the number of registrations for one of the named above lectures exceeds the maximum capacity of the course, a selection procedure has to be implemented according to the currently existing university regulations established in the statute for commitment of the criteria for the accommodation of students in the lectures of bachelor and master degree programs by August 2011 (http://www.uni-bamberg.de/fileadmin/uni/verwaltung/justitiariat/Rechtsgrundlagen/Interne_Regelungen/Lehrveranstaltungszulassungssatzung.pdf).

According to this statute, the selection is made according to the necessity of the visit of the lecture with regard to the study progress in consideration of the regular period of study. Students will get informed about the approval to the lectures one week after the registration period at the latest.

The examination dates for centrally organized exams of our chair can be found on the sites of the Prüfungsamt (please note that short-term modifications are possible!). The examination dates of decentrally organized exams of our chair as well as the deadlines for the submission of seminar papers and presentations are announced individually in the course.

Application for pre-correction

In justified circumstances you can apply for a pre-correction of your exam. Justified circumstances are for example a third attempt, a stay abroad, BaFöG application or a change of university. Not-justified applications generally cannot be considered. 

Please send the request at the latest 14 days before the mentioned exam date via email to the secretariat of the chair.

Following information must arise from the request: Title of the exam, name, matriculation number and a meaningful statement and justification of the request.

You will receive a short confirmation of the acceptance or rejection of the request. Please also write “pre-correction” on the cover of your exam on the examination date.


Application for post-correction

If you have reasoned objections to the marking of an exam, there is the opportunity to apply for a post-correction.

Reasons for an application for post-correction are for example an incorrectly added total score, an uncorrected subtask or a from your point of view wrong correction of the content. A justification has to be completely mentioned with task number and the accurate actual situation.

The application of post-correction has to be made via E-Mail to the office of the chair. For the correspondence, the applicants should exclusively use the respective student E-Mail address of the University of Bamberg and no personal E-Mail accounts. The application should be submitted at the latest three weeks after the final day of post exam review to the chair. The application must comprise following information: title of the exam, name, matriculation number and a justification of the application. Applications assumed after the aforenamed limitation period of three weeks can only be conceded for valid reasons.

The correction of the exam will be checked thereupon by our side. After conclusion of the post-correction you will receive a message via E-Mail containing the result of the review.

The same regulations also apply in the context of seminar papers. In this case, the reasoned request for a post-correction (or a general feedback appointment) must be received at the chair by no later than three weeks after the grades disclosure.

Replacement examination for exchange students

For exchange students who cannot attend centrally organized written examinations, we offer the possibility of a replacement examination at an earlier date. An application for a replacement exam is reviewed individually and permitted only in justified cases, e.g. if the following semester at your home university starts before the regular exam date.

Please send the request by E-Mail to the chair’s secretary no later than May 31 in the summer semester and Nov. 30 in the winter semester. Please include the following information: title of the exam, name, matriculation number as well as the concrete reasons for the request.

There are both, a style sheet and a guideline with important references for editing thesis at this chair. Both documents can be found here. These documents are mandatory for the composition of procedures at this chair and are also apply for written seminar papers.

All of our courses start at s.t.

Detailed information concerning the process of a bachelor or master thesis at our chair along with the required documents are available on the following site as well as in our download area.

If you want to write your thesis at our chair, you have to attend our own BA/MA-seminar. The BA/MA-certificates of other business administration chairs are only accepted in exceptional cases. 

If it is not possible for you to participate simultaneously to your thesis on the BA/MA-seminar, there is the opportunity of a disputation, in case it is provided by your examination regulations. However, this will only be approved in exceptional cases (e.g. stay abroad).

In case of the disputation, a 20 minute presentation is scheduled, in which the contents of the thesis are presented by the student. Besides a description of the methodology and the core results, a critical dispute of the contents should also be ensued from the students. After the presentation, a 10 minute Q&A session will take place.

The presentation slides (style sheet) have to be sent at the latest two weekdays before the disputation date to your academic advisor. Henceforth, no changes on the slides are allowed.

A disputation takes part at the latest 14 days after the submission of the thesis.