Keynote speeches and international masterclasses by Professor Fliaster

Professor Dr. Fliaster serves as keynote speaker and provides masterclasses for senior managers and business leaders in Germany and abroad.

In October 2017, Professor Fliaster gave a presentation on "The Network-driven Change Strategy" for more than 100 international managers from the Gasoline Systems and Diesel Systems divisions of Robert Bosch GmbH in Bamberg.

At November 18, 2014 Professor Fliaster has delivered a presentation at the International SAP Conference for Portfolio and Project Management. Among the participants there were about 80 managers and IT experts from SAP, Volvo, Bombardier Aerospace, Airbus Helicopters, United Nations Industrial Development Organization and other leading companies and international organizations. 

In August 2014 Professor Fliaster has delivered a presentation „Impact of Internal Social Networks on Collaborative Knowledge Processes and Creativity” at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch in New York, USA.

How does knowledge management contribute to innovation and sustainable competitive advantages? This was the topic of the roundtable discussion between Professor Alexander Fliaster (Bamberg University), Kerstin Books (Elektrobit Automotive GmbH), Paul Seren (Schaeffler Group), and Dr. Günther Kreuzer (law firm Dr. Kreuzer & Coll), moderated by Sabine Liberty (MedienUnikate).

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The Wales Public Service Summer School is a premier learning event sponsored by the Welsh Government. It is a collaborative learning experience designed to build the skills of more than 250 managers and leaders working across Welsh public services. This event is specifically aimed at persons currently engaged in delivering change and searching for new approaches to innovate and achieve success.

Feedback for Alexander Fliaster:

'Hoping I can analyse the communication routes within my organisation. Great illustration of systems available to review effectiveness of communications'

'Alexander's presentation was very interesting, will try to look up more on the theories mentioned'

'The benefits of strong and weak ties'

'Enjoyed social network presentation. It enabled me to place my experience of networks in a theoretical context'

'Alex was excellent, useful to see networking in an empirical format'

'The value of collaboration with colleagues, importance of ties, including weak ones - it's about us as individuals. Found the action plan a useful tool to take back with me'

'Interesting, unexpected, thought-provoking'

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Collaboration in Social Networks: Masterclass von Prof. Dr. Fliaster an der HRD Creativity & Organisation Development Conference, London 2011

How well do the employees in your organisation exchange knowledge and work together on new ideas? Are you able to recognize, map and effectively support social networks and collaborative working? What are the differences between social networks of high performers and low performers? What are the benefits and costs of informal collaboration? What skills are required for successful collaboration in networks and how these skills can be developed?

Based on extensive new research, this interactive masterclass delivered by Prof. Fliaster explains the impact of social networks on knowledge sharing, creativity, and innovation in organizations and provides practical recommendations from both the HR development and the individual manager’s perspectives. 

Guest lectures at the Chair of Innovation Management: dialogues with executives

The lectures in the context of this event series usually take place once to twice times per semester and deal with current issues and new developments in the area of innovation management. Thereby, they create a platform for a constructive dialogue and an exchange of ideas between the chair of innovation management and the companies.