The Master's program in Business Administration is offered at the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences and is designed to enable students to comprehend and help shape subject-specific and interdisciplinary issues and processes. In accordance with the mission statement of the University of Bamberg - "Focus on people" - an important common goal aspect of Bamberg Business Administration is that students should learn to evaluate developed alternatives for action not exclusively under the aspect of short-term profit maximization, but also with regard to possible side effects and consequences and to take responsibility for decisions accordingly. At the same time, students should develop the ability and willingness to reflect on and question their own actions and to see themselves as capable of shaping the economy and society. These aspects in particular are intended to contribute to the development of personality and to enable students to engage in civil society.

The Master's program in Business Administration offers students a very flexible concept: with great freedom of choice, you can put together those modules that form an optimal profile for your personal career aspirations. The chairs and professorships of Business Administration offer numerous specialization courses, which are summarized in our module handbook. Students can combine several of these offerings to form a degree program through which they can create a profile tailored to their individual interests.

Regardless of whether you are aiming for an academic career or a career in practice: Our master's concept allows you to position yourself for your path. Our specialist study advisor will be happy to provide you with competent assistance in planning.