Upon the succesful completion of all module groups in the SAS program, the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences (SOWI) awards the degree „Master of Science“ (M. Sc.) in Strategy & Sustainability.

The program encompasses five module groups for a total of 120 ECTS*:

  • A Strategy & Markets (24 ECTS)
  • B Sustainability (24 ECTS)
  • C Digitalisation, People & Culture (36 ECTS)
  • D Research (12 ECTS)
  • E Master thesis (24 ECTS)

*ECTS = European Credit Transfer System

In module group A "Strategy" you need to obtain 24 ECTS from two baskets:

  • Basket A1

Pick two of the following modules: "Corporate Strategy and Growth", "Strategic Renewal and Transformation" or "Price Management".

  • Basket A2

Pick two modules from a list of currently six modules, such as "Strategic Practice and Process", "Change Management", "Implementation and Diffusion of Innovations" or "International Finance".

In module group B "Sustainability" you need to obtain 24 ECTS from two baskets:

  • Basket B1

Pick two of the following modules: "Sustainability and Responsibility in Management", "Sustainability Accounting and Reporting" or "Organizational Crisis Management".

  • Basket B2

Pick two modules from a list of currently five modules: "Sustainable (Corporate) Finance", "Seminar Sustainability Reporting", "Corporate Responsibility and Product Management: Competitive Advantages by Sustainable Product Strategies", "European and International Politics" oder "Advanced Macroeconomics".

In module group C "Digitalisation, People and Culture" you need to obtain 36 ECTS from two baskets:

  • Basket C1

Pick two of the following modules: "The Future of Work", Digital Transformation of Value Creation Systems" or "European Human resource Management Program B".

  • Basket C2

Pick four modules from a list of currently more than ten modules, such as "Digitization Finance and FinTechs", "Computational Social Science", "Intercultural Challenges in Customer and Account Management", "Designing a Life With Purpose" oder "Blockchain Applications for Business".

The M.Sc. SAS is a master of science program. It prepares students - among other possible futures - to follow an academic career or to work in a private or public research institute.

As a consequence, SAS includes a module group that allows you to acquire and improve research skills. You can chose two out of several academic research seminars and thus complete 12 ECTS.

  • Research Seminar Business-to-Business
  • Research Seminar Management Accounting & Sustainability
  • Research Seminar International Innovation Strategies
  • Research Seminar Empirical Financial Markets Research

Four months (24 ECTS), typically in semester 4, that is, towards the end of the SAS program.

Information regarding the registration process for your master thesis is available from the exam office: Prüfungsamtes.

For the supervision of your master thesis you will typically contact a Professor in management (BWL). You may also address a request to the exam commission (Prüfungsausschuss) in case you wish to have another Professor from a different field as your supervisor (e.g. VWL, Soziologie, Politik). If so, you also need to obtain a "Betreuungszusage" (i.e., the confirmation of the willingness to supervise your work) from the Professor from the different field and include it in your demand to the exam commission. Your demand can be made by email.

It is in many cases possible to write your master thesis in cooperation with a company, a government agency, an NGO, or other organizations. The process needs to be coordinated by a chair (Lehrstuhl), typically by your supervisor.

Please note: The master thesis must in any case be supervised by a professor from the University of Bamberg!

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