Career prospects

Our degree programs enable a wide range of professional activities.

Employers of our graduates in the private and public sector are e.g.

    Consumer goods manufacturers,
    industrial goods manufacturers,
    logistics service providers,
    online service providers,
    management and personnel consultancies,
    banks and insurance companies,
    auditing firms,
    market research institutes,
    advertising agencies,
    retail trade, wholesale trade.

Likewise, the study prepares you for the foundation of a company and can thus open the way to self-employment.

And of course, the paths to science, universities or other research institutions are open to you! Our courses of study always prepare students for independent scientific work. Your Bamberg Business Administration professors will be happy to explain to you which perspectives exist and what the prerequisites are. Please contact us!

In addition, our graduates are active in public or private education and further education, e.g. after graduating in business education.

But also in the non-profit sector more and more of our graduates are working, e.g.

    in public administration,
    in public institutions,
    in political parties and organizations,
    in associations

and many other fields of work, such as journalism. Our graduates are sought-after specialists who have very good career opportunities.


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