Program Structure F&A

The characteristic feature of the F&A master's degree programme is the opportunity to develop an individual profile: The F&A Master offers substantial freedom of choice in an orderly structure within the crucial business subareas (Finance, Accounting, Taxation, Banking and Financial Controlling, Controlling) as well as adjacent fields (IT, Law, Statistics, Economics).

The master’s degree programme covers the following areas


(1) Finance & Accounting with a total of 72 ECTS-credits, divided into Elective Compulsory Section I comprising 48 ECTS-credits, and Elective Compulsory Section II comprising 24 ECTS-credits.

The Elective Compulsory Section I consists of the following five subareas: Accounting, Banking and Financial Controlling, Finance, Management/Controlling and Taxation. In this Elective Compulsory Section, modules amounting to 48 ECTS-credits are to be completed as follows: One module is to be completed in four of the subareas. In addition, modules amounting to 24 ECTS-credits can be selected without restrictions among the remaining range within Elective Compulsory Section I.
The Elective Compulsory Section II is designed to provide students with comprehensive, advanced knowledge of Finance & Accounting, while the elective Compulsory Section I focuses on the core areas. Modules not completed in the Elective Compulsory Section I may be selected within this section.

(2) Methodology and Research with a total of 24 ECTS-credits

Within the module group Methodology and Research, students complete modules amounting to 24 ECTS-credits. At least one module involving a seminar from the area ‘Methodology and Research from Finance & Accounting’ must be completed.

(3) Master Thesis and ungraded disputation or ungraded colloquium with a total of 24 ECTS-credits

Master's thesis with 24 ECTS-credits. The Master thesis is intended to provide proof that the student is able to independently assess a topic under the application of scientific methods.


The complete applicable regulation concerning the study of the F&A Master, as well as all selectable modules, is included in examination regulations Master F&Ahere.

The current module manual for the F&A Master can be found here.