Academic Writing

Do you need support in planning, organizing and structuring your scientific work?
Would you like tips for the revision of your work?
Are you looking for some impulses to start the writing process and overcome writer's block or do you feel like spending some writing time with others?

If so, the writing consultation of the Bamberg University Library is the right place for you!

The writing consultation is an offer of the Bamberg University Library in cooperation with a certified writing consultant and provides help to help yourself.

The offer is aimed at students of all disciplines and courses of study who are preparing a written, scientific paper, and at doctoral students of all subjects.


The follwing courses are provided by the Language Center of the University of Bamberg.

Workshop: "Writer’s retreat" (10.05.2024, 09:00 - 15:00)

Having trouble concentrating on your article/thesis? Need to get away from distractions, colleagues, telephone calls or the same four walls? Visit the Writing Centre’s Writer’s Retreat this semester and focus on your work.

Requirements for participants: Participants should be prepared with texts they have written and/or are currently writing.

Target group: This is a practical workshop designed to give PhD or post-doc students and scientific staff the chance to be given feedback and guidance on writing scientific articles or theses.

Date & time: Friday 10.05.2024, 09:00 - 15:00

Place: WE5/02.048

Registration: To register contact Don Watson at:

Individual Counseling

The Writing Centre of the SZ offers individual counseling vor master's and doctoral students in English.

You may find more information here.

Writing together

New dates for the shared writing time coming soon! We will use the Pomodoro technique, which means four 25-minute focused writing sprints/work periods alternated with 5-minute breaks.

All are welcome who are writing, reading, researching, or working on a project. It doesn't have to be a scientific paper! Participation also works without a camera and microphone, via chat only (e.g. in the library). You can also join for single sessions only. Possible distractions such as the smartphone should be avoided during the entire time.

There is no writing counselation during the shared writing time. The focus is on the motivation to write, the development of a writing routine and the mutual exchange.

Participation is open to everyone and is possible without registration via this link:

The Writing Consultation of the University Library does not advise on these points (please note: the services of the TRAc may offer different contents):

  •     Citation styles and correct citation - please consult the relevant lecturer on this.
  •     Adherence to formal requirements - please consult the relevant lecturer on this.
  •     All content-related aspects of the paper as well as orthographic or grammatical issues.
  •     The writing consultation is not an editing, proofreading or ghostwriting service.

For doctoral students there are further special offers at the University of Bamberg, for example through the graduate center Graduiertenzentrum Trimberg Research Academy (TRAc) in the form of Counseling or workshops or through the oder das Research Network.