Publishing your dissertation

The doctoral degree regulations offer several options to publish your dissertation. We will inform you about these options‘ advantages and disadvantages, describe the process of publication and explain the peculiarities of a cumulative dissertation.


Online publication or publishing house? What do I have to consider when publishing the dissertation? This course highlights the advantages and disadvantages of different publication models and forms of publishing, addresses specifics of cumulative dissertations, and addresses copyright and contractual issues. The platform for publishing dissertations online is institutional repository of the University of Bamberg integrated in the Research Information System (FIS). Using the University of Bamberg Press (UBP) as an example, the advantages of so-called hybrid publishing will also be discussed. You are welcome to find out more about this topic in advance here.


Doctoral candidates, post graduate programs


60 minutes

Dates, location, registration

Dates will be sheduled with a minimum number of participants of five people. The course is also offered in irregular intervals as part of the TRAc academy for doctoral candidates.


Should you have any question, please contact Barabara Ziegler, Tel. 863-1595.