Bamberg University Library

Phone: +49 (951) 863-1527 (General reference and information)
Phone: +49 (951) 863-1501 (Library management) 


Feldkirchenstraße 21
96052 Bamberg

Postal address

Postfach 2705
96018 Bamberg

Parcel post

Feldkirchenstr. 21  
Access via Am Heidelsteig
96052 Bamberg

Location of the Branch Libraries and the Central Library


Branch Library 3 (Social Sciences, Economics, and Business Administration) and Central Library (Library administration).
Feldkirchenstr. 21 (Map)

Town centre

Branch Library 1 (Theology and Philosophy)
An der Universität 2 (Map)

Branch Library 2 (Human Sciences)
Markusplatz 3 (Map)

Branch Library 4 (Languages and Literature)
Heumarkt 2 (Map)

Teilbibliothek 5 (History and Geo Sciences)
Am Kranen 3 (Map)

ERBA island

ERBA Library (ERBA Library: Computer and Communication Sciences, Art, and Music)
An der Weberei 5 (Map)