Access to digital services and use of media in the reading room

In the branch libraries of the Bamberg University Library, you can use you own computer as well as library PCs. Many of the online services of the Library, e.g. databases and magazines that are subject to licence, require a VPN connection. A select number of databases can only be accessed on library PCs. We also provide our external users with computer stations to ensure the availability of our digital services for them.

Some items are only accessible within the rooms of the library for conservational reasons. You can book a desk in this case, too.

Book a library PC

You can schedule an appointment to use one of our library computers here. Please limit your use of the computer to content, that is only accessible within the premises of the library.

Currently, desks are available to you in branch library 3, 4 and 5. In the booking schedule you may see, how many spaces are available still. There is a maximum of two appointments per day to use a computer-terminal or to scan.


Branch Library 3

Branch Library 4

Branch Library 5

Library PCs

You may use the library PCs to search literature or the internet and to use the online services of the library. All of the reader PCs are so-called zero clients. Students and staff have to login with their ba number, non-members have to login with the user number. All users are able to print and save documents on USB flash drives. Students and staff automatically get to their personal virtual desktop of the University of Bamberg and their network drive is mounted. To see the available software at the library PCs, visit the list of software installed on computers on campus. The software titles marked under the column heading “Bibliothek” are available for students at the library PCs.

Some library computers can only be used for searching the Online Catalogue. There is no login needed for these computers.

Please note the terms of use.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

The Library offers ebooks, databases, journals, etc. that you can access on your own computer. However, you will need to have internet access and a VPN connection.

If you have trouble setting up VPN, please contact the Computing Centre for IT support.

Detailed instructions of the Computing Centre about VPN access [German only].