Self-service checkout

Checking out books without having to stand in line

1) To change the language of the user interface to English, select "English" at the bottom of the touchscreen. Then select "check-out".

2) Place your Student or Service Card on the card reader.

Non-university members must put their Library Card near the barcode reader, with the barcode facing up.

3) Enter your password using the on-screen keyboard. Your pre-set password is your birthday in four digits (day and month) without periods in between.

4) Place your books on the illuminated glass plate.

5) Wait for all of your books to show up on the list on the screen and highlighted in green. Then select "finish".

6) Select whether you want an electronic receipt to be send to you via e-mail. Please don't forget your library card!

If you have any questions, please ask our staff at the Branch Libraries. They'll be happy to help you.