Returning, renewing, and requesting items

Outside staffed hours, you can use the return boxes outside of Branch Libraries 3 and 4.

Only after one of our librarians has booked an item back into the system do we consider it "returned"; hence we cannot assume liability for media you have placed in the return boxes until they have been booked back.

If you are not in Bamberg, you may also return items by mail. Ideally, you will send them as a package, with insurance; this way, the shipment can be tracked as well. Please do not use "Büchersendungen" (Media mail) as that often takes a very long time. Use this mailing address:

Universitätsbibliothek Bamberg
Feldkirchenstraße 21
Access via Am Heidelsteig
96052 Bamberg

Renewals and Hold Requests

You can make renewals yourself in your Library Account. There, you will find a list of the media that you have checked out or requested.

The earliest date for renewing an item is 6 days before the end of the loan period. Media can usually be renewed four times. Be sure to double-check our account to see if the renewal was successful!

In the Online Catalogue, you may request items that are currently in circulation. You will be notified by email when the item can be picked up at the branch library of your choice.

Special conditions for writers of dissertations and postdoctoral theses at the University of Bamberg

Upon application, authors of dissertations and postdoctoral theses at the University of Bamberg can be granted special conditions by the University Library. Therefore, please, fill in the form provided on the information leaflet for authors of dissertations and postdoctoral theses(141.6 KB, 1 page) and submit the form with your already borrowed books to your preferred Branch Library. Doctoral students with an existing library account automatically receive the special status when they register with the Graduate Centre Trimberg Research Academy (TRAc).

If granted, your loans will automatically be prolonged up to nine times by 24 staffed days with

  • media with a basic loan period of 24 staffed days

by 6 staffed days with

  • media with a loan period of 6 staffed days
  • journals from the stack room

Interlibrary loans without lending restrictions will be prolonged by 12 days up to four times.

If your media has been requested by another user of the University Library, you receive an automated reclaim. Please, respect these in order to avoid any fees.

Please note: If your library account is blocked - for example due to an open reminder - the loan period of your media will no longer be extended automatically!

It is not possible to prolong:

  • media that is already requested by other users
  • interlibrary loans with lending restrictions