Literature search

How and where to look for items depends on what you need. General search tips.

Online Catalogue

In the Online Catalogue, you will find:

  • all books and other media held by the Bamberg University, State, and Diocesan Libraries.
  • books and other media held by libraries of the Library Association of Bavaria. You can get these items via interlibrary loan. For this purpose click on “Can’t find what you’re looking for” and then on “Interlibrary loan”.
  • periodicals and digital resources. In order to find these kind of resources click on the tab “Articles & more” above the search results. Your search will be performed by the Primo search engine.

Library Association of Bavaria (BVB)

If a book is not available at the Bamberg University Library, you can still get it via interlibrary loan. Simply request the item through the Online Catalogue. Your search query will be re-routed to the B3Kat association catalogue which lists literature of the university libraries of the States of Bavaria, Berlin, and Brandenburg as well as the Bavarian State Library, regional state and numerous specialist libraries.

You can also search the B3Kat at Gateway Bavaria.

Other Library Catalogues

Naturally, you can request books via interlibrary loan if they are not listed in the B3Kat. In Germany, there are several library associations made up of different academic libraries that are located in a number of federal states.

You can search their association catalogues with the Karlsruhe Virtual Catalogue (KVK). Furthermore, you can simultaneously search book store directories as well as diverse library catalogues abroad, publication servers and digital collections.


The content of many subject-specific databases (journal articles, etc.) can be found in the catalogue tab “Articles & more”. Nevertheless, it can be still useful to use appropriate and specific databases for thematic research, since they offer distinctly better search capabilities and content analysis. Additionally, some databases are not included in “Articles & more”.

The database information system DBIS provides an overview of all available databases at the Bamberg University.

Newspaper Articles

The University Library subscribes to a number of newspapers and online paper archives. Search and evaluation options vary significantly from one paper to another. Hence, we cannot make definite statements that apply to search results. If you are unsure, please ask a librarian in your branch library.

Historic Sources, Primary Research Data, Statistics....

When it gets complicated, we are happy to help. Please ask a librarian in your branch library or contact your subject librarian.

I can't find what I'm looking for

The item is listed in the Online Catalogue and marked "ausleihbar" (can be checked out), but it is not on the shelf.
Open stack items can easily be placed on the wrong shelf. Please look around in the vicinity of where it should be. It is also possible that the item is currently being used by someone else. If necessary, be sure to ask a librarian.

The item is listed in the Online Catalogue without a shelfmark.
Please ask one of our librarians.

The item is an electronic publication (e.g. an e-book), but I don't have access.
Please ask one of our librarians.

The item is not in the Online Catalogue.
The item may not be part of our holdings but you can order it via interlibrary loan or make an acquisition suggestion. Or it could also be that it is an essay. Please try again by searching with the book or magazine title, instead of the title of the essay.