Publishing at the University of Bamberg Press

A digital version of all publications of the University of Bamberg Press (UBP) can be found in Current Research Information System (FIS) of the University. They are thus made available permanently and worldwide in accordance with the Guidelines on Open Access. If the author so desires, the publication can also be printed. With this hybrid type of publishing, UBP supports the dissemination of scientific information globally, the efficient academic research, teaching, and studies and the recommendations of the Otto-Friedrich-University Bamberg to ensure good scientific practice. Copies of the book can be ordered at regular bookstores and directly at the publisher's.

Who gets to publish books through UBP?

All members of the Otto Friedrich University of Bamberg can do so, provided that a university body (e.g. an institute, chair, or centre) has given their approval. PhD students may publish their dissertation through the publisher. Student papers, such as final papers and master's theses, can also be published if their tutor has agreed to it.

Publishing service

UBP supports you in the preparation of the copying process and handles all technical and organisational aspects of the production and distribution by

  • Providing individual advice on the pricing of your publication, and presenting options for finding a sponsor;
  • Providing advice and support regarding the layout of your manuscript (e.g. templates);
  • Obtaining cost-effective printing offers and taking care of everything that has to do with the printing process;
  • Providing advice for the design of the book cover, the title page, and of the 'legal notice' (Impressum) in keeping with the corporate design of UBP;
  • Handling the assigning of an ISBN (International Standard Book Number);
  • Adding your work into the list of available books;
  • Ensuring that the publication is available in online bookstores, such as, and that it can be found in search machines on the web;
  • Generating metadata which is spread through the bibliographies of the German National Library;
  • Shipping mandatory copies;
  • Listing your publication in the publisher's catalogue, the University Bibliography, and the Online Catalogue;
  • Ensuring that an electronic version is kept in the archives of the Bamberg University Current Research Information System (FIS);
  • Providing the author with inexpensive personal and mandatory copies;
  • Handling shipping, distribution and billing.