The publishing process

The University of Bamberg Press supports you in all phases of the individual publishing process. Below, you will find an example of the process:

If you are interested in publishing your work through the University of Bamberg Press, please contact us first! You can email us at ubp(at) or call us at 0951-862-1595 to inform us about your intention to publish your work:

  • Type of publication: online and printed / online only
  • Title of the publication and desired series
  • If possible, indicate the number of black and white and coloured pages, the desired number of copies, the format and type of binding.
  • Approximate date of publication

All members of the Otto Friedrich University of Bamberg can publish documents, provided a university body (e.g. an institute, chair, or centre) has given their approval. Publications of the University of Bamberg Press come in series. If you want to publish your work as part of a series, please contact the publisher of the series. If a series does not yet exist, a proposal can be submitted at one of the institutions of the Otto Friedrich University of Bamberg to request that such a series should be started.

The author bears the costs of the publication. We will draft an estimate which will include all of the expenses UBP will incur, particularly the cost of printing. Since we does not pursue economic interests when we publish your documents, you will not receive royalties for publishing them. Purely electronic publications are free of charge.

You will sign a publication agreement with the UBP. Among other things, it will state the costs, the period of time that your work will be available in bookstores, any user rights that the UBP needs to be given, and the bookstore price of printed copies. Before the agreement can be finalised, a chair or institute of Bamberg University needs to have given their approval. Upon signing the agreement, you will be given the ISBN for your work and the ISSN for the series.

You publication will go live as a PDF file (portable document format). We make templates for your manuscript available to you. They form the basis for the master copy and will help you to structure your manuscript well. We would also be happy to support you in designing your book cover and title pages.

There are different ways to create a PDF file. To keep the quality of the document intact, you will need to ensure that your settings are right prior to creating the PDF. Fonts, for example, have to be compatible or properly integrated, and the correct printing quality must be selected as well. Pictures should have the right resolution for the printing process. All graphics should be of a high quality.

Please remember to indicate the source of all the pictures you have included and, if applicable, obtain prior written consent, so you can include them in your publication.

Click here to find helpful hints for creating your PDF file.

Please upload your document, using the registration form in OPUS. You will first of all select the document type, the number of people or institutions involved, and the publication agreement entitled "Publikationen im Verlag". All metadata of your publication are then collected in the registration form. At this point, enter an abstract as well as keywords describing the content one more time so that your publication can be easily found in search machines.

After entering the metadata, you can automatically transfer your electronic document into an temporary storage which is not publicly accessible (File upload).

This document forms the basis for the electronic publishing process and the agreed upon printed copy. You file will be formally checked. It will then go into print and be pushed live in OPUS so that anyone can read and download your work for free.

After preparing everything for the printing process, you will receive a reference copy that you will need to approve for printing.

You publication will then be printed and included in the list of available books so that it can be ordered in bookstores or on the UBP website.