Open Access journals make use of the Open Journal Systems (OJS). University of Bamberg Press UBP provides hosting for the journals and supports the editors.

OJS covers all areas from article submission over peer review up until publication on the journal website. Editors content with their current website can decide to forego OJS's publishing system and just use the software as editorial system for managing internal workflows.

Should you be interested we can set up a journal for testing purposes so you can try the various features at your own pace.

Contact: Barbara Ziegler, ubp(at)


OJS Journals at UBP

Complexity, Governance & Networks / ed. by Lasse Gerrits and Göktuğ Morçöl

Journal of Family Research/ ed. by State Institute for Family Research at the University of Bamberg (ifb)

Journal for Religion in Education/ ed. by AKRK (Arbeitsgemeinschaft katholische Religionspädagogik/Katechetik)