The services of the University of Bamberg Press are an offer of the University, made available by the University Library. It publishes scientific papers authored by lecturers and researchers of Bamberg University. The range of publications reflects the subjects offered at the University. All publications of the University of Bamberg Press (UBP) appear in digital form at the Current Research Information System (FIS) of the University. If the author so desires, print copies can also be published. Initial surveys of hybrid publications indicate a significantly wider reception of such publications.

UBP aims at making scientific information accessible without limitations through online publications in accordance with open access principles and optional high-quality print copies.

Searching for electronic publications is easier and can be done at any time - directly and in a flexible way (e.g. by sending documents via the internet or by printing them).

The University of Bamberg Press thus adheres to the recommendations of the German Rectors' Conference and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research that demand online access to scientific information worldwide for the purpose of expediting more efficient scientific research, instruction, and studies. They also demand that the necessary infrastructure be set up at all colleges.

In the long run, however, and particularly in the humanities, online-only publications are not an alternative to printed matter publications due to the significantly greater length of the individual texts. Therefore, UBP also offers very high quality prints of your academic papers. Generally, the author bears the costs of the publication.

Publications at the University of Bamberg Press appear in series. Authors who want to publish their work in one of them need to contact the editor of the series. If a given series does not yet exist, an author may suggest to a given institute, chair, or centre of the University that such a series be created.

The University of Bamberg Press was founded in September 2007, triggered by the establishment of a publication series called "Bamberger Interdisziplinäre Mittelalterstudien" by the Centre for Medieval Studies (ZEMAS). ZEMAS wanted its series to be published online and in print in order to glean from the advantages that both forms of publications have to offer. The first volume entitled "Das Bistum Bamberg in der Welt des Mittelalters" was published by the new press in October 2007. To ensure its scientific quality, the volume was peer reviewed.

Bamberg University publishing house

Up until February 2009, the Bamberg University publishing house was part of an Upper Franconian media group called Fränkischer Tag, Mediengruppe Oberfranken - Zeitungsverlage GmbH & Co. KG, which does not exist in that form anymore. The University of Bamberg Press took over the remaining stock of the previous entity and now makes those series available as digitised documents, e.g. the Bamberg Editions ("Bamberger Editionen") and the Bamberg Hegel Weeks ("Bamberger Hegelwochen").

AG Universitätsverlage and joint catalogue

University of Bamberg Press is a member of Arbeitsgemeinschaft Universitätsverlage (AG Universitätsverlage). The working group is an association of university presses, publishing services and platforms, which are connected to an academic institution and offer professional publishing services, in German speaking countries. The membership criteria include especially quality assurance according to scientific standards and the support of Open Access.

New publications of University of Bamberg Press are indexed in the joint catalogue of AG Universitätsverlage.